Artist show attitude

     Yeah! There is no such thing as artist show attitude. We just made up this topic to highlight certain impressions displayed by some Nigerian upcoming artists whenever they are merely invited to perform (mostly for an unpaid event). 

Here are few things considered insufferable (if you were actually invited to perform as a guest) :

◽◾Don't go to an event too early. It makes you look stupid. Except if you are to be auditioned or sound checked. 5mins before the event time is perfect. (very perfect) 

◽◾Don't help setting up the venue, like carrying discolored plastic chairs and antiquated canopies. This also makes you look dumb. You are a guest, not an event planner. 

◽◾Don't keep pestering and nagging on the Mc that you are yet to perform. That's social harassment. If you are good, you should be called upon. If you are a quack, my brother, Nag!!! 

◽◾Don't over use the time apportioned to you. What is the meaning of ''up Chelsea!!!" when your song is 5mins Plus and you are only given 2mins (Abeg shift). 

◽◾Don't start wondering about like an OPC. After your performance, go home. Take few pictures before or while performing.  Take few after your performance and #japa. Larger portion of the audience are already seeing you as a demi-celeb. Stop greeting audience like a local government chairman soliciting for votes. 

Team BB5M

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