Artiste Starter Kit

Every new artist wants to be the next big thing, get quick stardom and even win couple of awards with a single track. This is almost impossible, Especially in a country like ours where talent is never enough.

Don't be perplexed with those that  blew with 1 track, today most of them are still referred to as upcoming artists. 

Success is process. For you to make headway in the music industry, there are buttons of precise actions you must repeatedly

🔸Have a positive mindset of your kind of music. 
🔸Be original 
🔸Focus on your style 
🔸Add knowledge to that which you know 
🔸Add skill to your talent. 
🔸Strive to outdo your past
🔸Believe in yourselve.

We will be treating each categories soon.
Team BB5M

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