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There are several reasons beatbox5.com is becoming the best blog site in African aside the fact that it is dedicated to assisting upcoming artists in making good music and branding, it also enables the following :

Search STUDIO :
Artists,music lovers, and record labels can Now search STUDIOs and discover those that are closer
 to them. 

Book STUDIO session :
From well known producers to  upcoming studio engineers - an artist can book STUDIO session.

Promote Your song :
You can promote your songs on beatbox5.com with over 10 partnering websites to give you that massive hype and download that you deserve. 

Sell Your song :
We link you with ready buyers who are interested in buying your songs or investing in your brand. 

Create Artist Profile :
We brand you with an artist bio that will be highly profitable and professional the way you want the world to see you. 

Download :
Download songs from other upcoming artists and also get connected to them. 

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