O'femi Smile - No be me dey fight X Oracle Dave X Hess King

O'femi Smile is a renowned music minister and a worshipper. This song is inspired by his walk with the Holy Spirit. No man walks with God and loses his battle. He teamed up with Oracle Dave and Hess king on this.


No be me dey Fight
Na me dey win
Your love is strong eno dey fail
Your love is sweet eno dey fade oo

1st Verse (O'femi smile)
How can I say the things you don for me
How can I pay the prize you Don pay for me
Maker, defender.... You no dey fail at all o
You no dey shake at all o
Kodoju adura timi2x
Gboin gboin lo duro le yin mi oo2x
Is a covenant keeping God...

No be me dey Fight
Na me dey win
Your love is strong he no dey fail
Your love is sweet he no dey fade oo

2nd Verse (Oracle Dave)
I can not explain the things weh you do for me, you're the one that is and is to come
You're the covenant keeping God situation controller,  your name is Yahweh, ajagun segun mafi ti bon se, you timurn my life around, you make my life complete oo
If not for you God I would have been forgotten... Atofarati.

Talking drum

3rd verse (Hess king)
Your love is taking over me
Delieverer, My defense
Dada oleja kilogbo julee
Why you dry hate my glory
Ota kilode, ota mi esin mi
Mo gallant, I dey chop life in the palace
This is story
This is my song
I dey praise my saviour
All day long....

See wehtin you do for me
Nobody fit do ahm for me
You made the whole world know
Pe iwo lowa leyin baba oo
The little things I do
You make ahm big Na grace oo nanana...

No be dey Fight
Na me dey win oo2x
Anu ni mo rigba
Mio ja mo n bori
Baba ese oo baba Mimo...

Song prod. By ghsbeatz
MM by Greatness

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