Kukeh b - African lady

african lady by @kukeh b

Ku..ahaa..Kukeh B.. kpan uton..
You be my sunshine..
you be my angel..
l love the way you look
I love the way you are
For this your beauty
i go buy you rang_over (eh)
i go take you oversea
i go buy you helicopter..
O baby shake am shake am
shake am for me 
Shake your body for me girl 
O baby roll am roll am 
for me roll 
your body for me girl x2
Baby girl you too fine o 
Pretty lady African lady..x2
Verse 2:
Born you well 
Your papa born you well
Born your well
Your mama born you well x2
(Repeat Hook)
Repeat Chorus 
I want to see your mum 
I want to see your dad 
I want to come with my family 
I want to take you home 
For you is all i see 
For me i die for you 
Your love dey make me mental 
I need some panadol
(Repeat verse1)
Repeat chorus

Kukeh B 

Pretty lady e 
African Lady x2
..eh yeba African lady

Lyrics by team BB5M

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