Chris G - Mercy prod. By ghsBeatz

Adonai Music Ministry 
Present Min. Chris G in his latest single "Mercy"

"Mercy" is a song received by the inspiration of the Holy ghost via deep worship revealing the mercies of God as new every morning, if only a man can lift his voice and cry out for mercy there is a God that will respond in Splendor and Beauty of His holiness.
The only thing capable of transforming a man's Mess to a Message is the mercies of God

Download and be bless.


Your mercy
Is all we long for....
Your mercy 
Is all we long for
Lord we've gone astray and we cry for mercy lord 
Your mercy is all we long for x2
Its by your mercy Lord 
We are living today
Its your mercy and love we see a brand new day..... .
Without your mercy 
What would have been of we today we say 
Your mercy is all we long for
Its by your mercy...
Resp:- that the blind could see 
Its your mercy and love 
Resp:- the lamb could walk
Its all about your mercy we are standing tall today 
We say ..
Your mercy its all we long for 
Its your mercy lord you heal the woman with the issue of blood
Its your mercy you show the picture of the future
We long for your mercy lord
Call:- have mercy on me yes lord
Resp:- have mercy on me yes lord 

Till fade

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