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The past 360days have been so amazing with artists and clients like you. We have seen the deepest valley and climbed the highest mountain, achieving the impossible and creating possibilities by providing quality music upload and downloads, artist profiles, music events updates and equipped you with music related articles! 
With our 60 free-to-book music studios and alist  music producers, we have helped over 100 artistes to make good music by connecting them with professional music makers. 
Since we are bent at branding upcoming artists, giving their music career a lift, we decided to have a 1month free music upload (totally freeeee!). This is our way of saying thank you for doing business with us.

Send us
*Your Song (mp3) 
*Nice graphic art 

Via WhatsApp +2348166003080
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This promo will become invalid by the end of August 2019!
We look forward to a greater year ahead and expect you to succeed as an artist. 
Happy 1 Year anniversary! 

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