MOG - Manifest

In a world full of thick darkness, sufferings, hardships, deaths and deadly diseases, the only hope of our generation is to see JESUS manifest in the midst of these things to save, heal, help and deliver!
Listen to MANIFEST by MOG and engage with the Power of His presence!


Intro: Take me to the times where Jesus walked the streets of Galilee, the Glory of God was seen face to face and Power of the Lord was there to heal and deliver

Lord Jesus
The Power of your presence
We need you Lord
Let your Glory manifest
Reveal the Greatness of You

1) I have heard of the works you did
I've read of the ancient times
How men were delivered
And were healed
You opened the blind eyes
You made the lame walk
Dead men heard your voice
They ROSE up
They came back

Repeat Chorus

2) These are evil days
These are dark times
Sin is on rise
Church is enslaved
We are dying now
We are suffering like hell
Would you save us Lord?
Arise Lord! 
Help us!!

Repeat Chorus


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