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Pastor Tony Melody - God U Reign

This particular album is to tell the world how God has being so faithful in all He said, I have seeing that God will not promise and fail, all that He had shown me in my revelation, I have being seeing those things coming to pass, That is why, I sing God you reign

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The lyrics.
You reign..., e e e
God you reign, God you reign..., e e e God you reign,
Your name is lifted above other names,
God you reign,
 lord you are higher above other gods,
and you reign,
and forever you will never change,
 you are the same. 2x

Um mm, Hosanna in the highest, that is what you are,
Oh my God, You are lifted above other gods,
Ogujo dunyi kache machimoton
God you reign,
Ata oma do juju koma majabiolan
God you reign,
Agaidu, ondumi iii, baba a enedudabuwe no ogane oluii ojoduba,
Onu amonu Ojo amojoo ownu uwechee, onu lilee ,  , Jihofa Chonu lilee ,,, God you reign.
Agaba idu ochamachala deeee baba Dee eee, uwe kefolaka kileii chakadu chane emiejo, Ojo enedabuwe kee? Onu like eee
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